Creatives Near You (cnu) was created with one mission. To help creatives find new potential connections in their area and beyond. The creative community invests time, energy, and money into skills that too often fail to bloom due to lack of creative resources, even when they are all around. CNU helps shine a light on a disconnected creative world that is always on a journey for it’s next masterpiece.

The obstacles of the creative world were known all too well by creator and owner Christopher Sinanan. As a record producer, engineer, and songwriter for over 15 years, he noticed a huge change in the creative process for not just music, but all creative fields. After concluding his time at Bloomfield College where he received his BA in Music Technology and Audio Engineering, he sought out opportunities in his field. After 2 years of unpaid internships in studios and post production houses he became discouraged when he was not given a chance to excel beyond his intern status. He began to utilize his income towards building up a personal recording space at his house to further develop his skills and make side income as an independent audio engineer. It was here where the epiphone of what would eventually become cnu started.

Technology, programs, and available resources have paved the way for creators to develop independent work stations that could produce work that is on par with professional grade facilities. The only missing piece of the puzzle was the ability to spotlight these facilities by utilizing the rise of GPS technology which made companies like Uber, Yelp, and Tinder become modern day innovative powerhouses in the business world. The ability to conduct searches for a creative in a specific area is a powerful, and much needed tool for the creative world. This consolidated pooling of creatives' entire catalog of external online resources paired with their geographical location helps create a detailed footprint of every user enrolled in the app. From here users are able to establish connections, exchange work, schedule meetups, and review each other.

CNU connects the experienced to the novice, the hopeful to the hungry, and imaginative to the dream makers. It is our hope that this mobile application helps bring forth art infused with the culture and heritage of the environments where they were formed. We will help eliminate roadblocks standing in the way of creative ambitions to assure that resources, talent, and possibilities are never in short supply.