2nd News Letter

A consistent theme that will follow CNU as it grows and evolves is the idea of teamwork. Finding the right people whom you can express an idea with and will not only embrace your concepts but help you grow them.

Back in mid 2018 I was fortunate enough to be put in contact with Ritima Sood of Artiems Web Solutions thru a mutual friend and coworker named Raffelina Cipriano. From the begining it was clear that Ritima was the right person to help me develop the app. We exchanged email, texts messages, and phone calls for some time to be sure that we were on the same page as far as the idea and over all purpose of CNU. She directed me towards all the proper filing, back ended processes, and applications that were needed to really make this idea come to life.

Once we were sure that the idea was clear she began to put together a team of amazing individuals whom could fully craft the app in the most effective and time sensitive fashion. They offered a full scope of the work ahead and brought everything to the table about what would need to be done. Once we were in agreement the work began immediately. From that point up until today they have continued to be professional, transparent, and genuine every step of the way.

Special credit need to be made to the following members of the Artiems team. Ajit Pandey, Chaitanya Tipre, Cheryl Netwin, Damini Landge, Dhananjay Pawar, Pankaj Wani, Rohit Gangurde, Sudarshan Lokhande, Tushar Kochar, Vivek Baglanebu, and Sam N. A special thank you needs to be given to Ritima Sood whom has been my main point of contact through this entire venture. From break of dawn text messages to video conferences and everything in between she has upheld her promise from the begining to be a clear and reliable member of the CNU family.

I can not say enough about my experience with Artiems Web Solutions. I feel truly blessed to able to work with them and share my idea. I'd recommend them to anyone whom is at the beginning of their next great web-based idea and stand by that recommendation 100 percent. I look forward to a long and exciting future with the Artiems Team.

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